Here are a few products I currently craft and sell. Please feel free to contact me about any of the products on display. All of the fur products are caught, tanned, and hand sewn personally by me. Buckskin has also been primitively processed by me, though the hides may have been donated from fellow hunters. Also, if you have questions about a custom product you don’t already see, feel free to drop me a line. Availability may vary depending on the fur/buckskin available.

Raccoon fur mittens.

Fur Mittens – These brain tanned mittens are made using an old pattern featured in Ellsworth Jaeger’s book Wildwood Wisdom. The fur depends on what I’ve trapped, but is generally raccoon or coyote with buckskin palms. Very soft and great for winter hunting or on the trapline.

Painted Knife Sheath
Parfleche Knife Sheath

Parfleche Knife Sheath – These knife sheaths are built using traditional materials used extensively throughout history. Parfleche knife sheaths were preferred by both Native American tribes of the plains and by mountain men who later came. Each sheath is custom fit to your knife and can be painted in traditional patterns or left plain.