Living History Classes

At this point I am offering several living history classes to schools and individuals interested in living history experiments. These courses have been designed to teach students about history and learn a particular historical outdoor skill. Please take a moment to browse the class offering and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thanks!

$5 Atlatl

Student throwing atlatl
$5 Atlatl Course

This course is an absolute blast for those interested in the Stone Age. Students are given a historical background to the time period in order to understand how long this period lasted. After we have discussed the lives of Stone Age people the class then shifts to a discussion on our oldest projectile; the atlatl. Students will learn how atlatls work, their components, and their history as well. Once complete each student will build their own atlatl using modern materials. The lesson is capped off with a competition to see who may have survived the Stone Age!


Brain Tanning

Tanned Fur
Brain Tanning Class

The brain tanning course is available seasonally during the spring and summer. Over the course of 2 days students will transform a stretched hide into beautifully tanned fur. Along the way students will gain an understanding of how people historically tanned their garments, their tools, and their techniques. In addition, students will develop an appreciation for the tanning process, and experience that process like ancient peoples. Please contact today!


Hatchet Survival Course

Student making fire
Hatchet survival course

I was fortunate to work with Revere Schools to design this Hatchet Survival Course. Skills in the course are based off the Gary Paulsen book Hatchet. During the 1.5 day course students will experience skills the main character, Brian, used to stay alive including fire starting, shelter building, and building fish traps. Not only is this course educational, but it will give your students a one of a kind living literature experience! If your school or organization reads the book Hatchet, and you want to bring that book to life, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the particulars.