Good Family Trapping Video Reminds Us What it’s All About

At times we forget the big picture in our busy lives. This family trapping video helps to put it back in focus.

Life seems to be getting busier and busier. Maybe that is because with 2 young kids, a puppy, a full-time job, and a part-time job, I’m busy. Past that though, it seems as you look around people are just scrambling everywhere. For one reason or another, many people don’t seem content to just watch the clouds roll by anymore.

Our busy-body culture, in my opinion, is distracting us from the true realities of life. We bounce here and there looking to satisfy some fleeting desire. We try to make a buck here, reach a goal there, or otherwise “achieve”. We all have our own distractions. Once in a while though, we are reminded about the things that really matter.

Recently I stumbled across this family trapping video on Youtube. It is an interview of a Canadian family who spends their weekends on the trapline. For this family, trapping is a mom, dad, and 3 kids affair. It’s worth the 3 minutes if you haven’t yet seen it.

As you can tell from the video the kids certainly know their way around the trapline. They don’t have any misconceptions about the world, and are getting fully immersed in the culture of trapping. It’s likely they know more about the natural world at the age of 8 than than most people will know by age 48. Each weekend they get fresh air, exercise, and the chance to explore. It’s hard to find fault with bringing up kids like that.

The parents in the video were very well-spoken in defense of trapping and their parenting as well. They also addressed a few realities some folks in the world want to ignore. One reality is the history trapping has in our world. People of all regions of the world have trapped for one reason or another for tens of thousands of years. It’s just something people do.

Family on the trap line.
Taking a family on the trapline is part of many family’s annual routine.

I know there are likely lots of trappers who take their kids on their trapline. Each fall and winter, my kids get to come with dad on the weekends to check traps. While doing so, they’ve seen many animals up close, learned about the natural world, and witnessed the undeniable cycle of life. I also know of at least one other trapper in my area who takes his boys along on his line. Those boys are learning a way of life that is being forgotten and most will never know. How could a young generation gaining knowledge we’ve had for centuries be a bad thing?

There is one final point of the video that needs mentioning. It is the point the dad made about passing it on. At some point he said he likes to trap so he can teach his kids, and his kids can teach their kids, and their kids, and so on. He also mentioned that when he is gone, there is the chance children will still gain the knowledge he was taught.

In our fast paced world it’s worth remembering that few legacies endure like the legacy of knowledge. If I build a house, start a business, or even make this blog successful, odds are that will only serve me and my family in my brief life. The knowledge I have though, about hard work, integrity, and about the world, come from people long since gone. If I do my part, and with luck, those lessons will work their way through the generations once I’m gone. Hopefully part of that will include knowledge of the outdoors I learned from my parents, grandparents, and have learned in my life. Although I haven’t trapped my whole life, it is something I personally believe is worth people knowing.

Maybe I’m looking too deep into this family trapping video. Perhaps it’s just a news clip about a guy who likes to trap and takes his kids. There is a chance though, it is helping to remind us about the things we know to be true. If we don’t teach our kids about the world, other people will. Hopefully it will also encourage more people to take their kids hunting, trapping, fishing, and camping. You may end up with less fur in the shed, or fish on the stringer, but you’ll be investing in something that will return long after you’re gone.


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